Eric Liston – Freelance Writer /// Digital, Creative, Technical


Who are you?

My name is Eric Liston. I’m a freelance¬†writer and Digital Media Specialist, currently working on the Upwork (formerly Odesk) platform. I have over a year of experience creating top-notch digital content for startup companies and small businesses. I live and work in Cincinnati, Ohio, and I graduated from Miami University with an English degree in 2014.


What do you do?

I write. Because digital technology has changed the way that we interact with everything. More than ever, good content and good writing are needed. Every company needs a social media page. Every company needs a blog. Every item for sale needs a description, and every newsletter, press release, chain email, e-blast, ad infinitum needs someone who can write it. As the web grows, the need for quality, engaging, and interesting content and copy grows with it.


Why should I care?

My creativity, my writing abilities, and my passion for technology combine to allow me to create wonderful and memorable copy and content. Examples of my work can be found in my portfolio. So don’t take my word for it, see my skills for yourself.

If you like what you see, feel free to check out my resume and get in contact with me.